This is the offical homepage for PRESCANIC.

News (September 1, 2023) - Prescanic 08.2 released. Changes include:

  • Fixed function prototype problem for newer GCC compilers.
  • Changed argument list a bit, scan results now default to STDOUT as well as file recording.
  • Ubuntu Install Guide (packages needed for compile)
  • More updates coming soon!

    News (April 22, 2013) - Prescanic 08.1 released. Changes included:

  • MySQL development libraries now needed to compile Prescanic, but it's an option to use database saves.
  • A fully custom ports file for custom scans.
  • New output methods.
  • New fingerprints.
  • Various other changes.

    News (Feb. 3, 2011) - Prescanic.08 released. Changes included:

  • MySQL Support. Please note, this is not an option, you must have a mysql account and database and have create/drop privledges on that database.
  • DNS protocol talk disabled until later. (disabled so it doesn't crash, for the moment)
  • Ports added.

    Prescanic's goal is to gather as much information about a single host as possible. From port scanning, tcp fingerprinting, banner grabbing, anonymous ftp detection, stealth scanning, and more. Prescanic automatically saves scans to files, and is MySQL ready for creating databases of scanned hosts.

    The author can be contacted at

    NOTICE: Required libraries and programs: MySQL and development files, also libpcap. Exact packages listed in 'INSTALL' guide for Ubuntu.

    Tested on Linux only! (ubuntu 8.10,ubuntu 9.2,ubuntu 10.10,ubuntu 12.10, ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS)

    Current Version: 0.8.2